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Whereas the COVID 19 Pandemic has led to a necessary, though unplanned self-isolation and quarantine; this in order to curb the spread of the Corona Virus; we are witnessing a careful, slow, but certain restoration to life and its pleasures.

And so , humanity will also
return to nature , culture and travel again, albeit in a more socially distant and environmentally responsible way. This as we each, seek to restore sanity and desire to feed the spiritual nature of mankind.

It is this very urge that drives our purpose as ACGC, in playing our part and ushering a life post COVID .

Here we will once again consciously, embrace the renewal and healing process , the coming together of a people who are different but one with Nature, Culture, Music , Religions and Faith .

Mankind is longing to see and know the furthest lands , having stayed home for nearly a year , the urge to travel is emerging and swirling as we each find our healing process.

The African Choral and Gospel Championship is helping eliminate the tension by providing a one-stop event for the recovery of the soul through cultural tourism which opens the eyes to scenic natural views, introducing the ears to a symphony of African sounds and exposing the suffocated lungs to music that allows the soul to soar from fear to faith and indeed to boundless freedom. It’s a TRANSFORMATION.

The ACGC seems to unlock this key segment of global tourism economy. Composers have written new songs which must be heard, it’s songs of Horrors and Hopes , A poetry of mass-grieving. It is the natural tinctures of music and art and travel that will ensure a powerful recovery for a new humanity.

According to (Christie Et al, 2013:58) “Cultural tourism represents a substantial opportunity for tourism growth”. All African Countries have a rich untapped cultural resource that’s unequaled and this One People diversified by region , tongue but united by common race and the language of Music.

At the heart of all this is an African Renaissance which is propelled by the desire to self-understanding post colonial erosion and Now post COVID. The wildlife , vast ocean economy and pristine nature is the reason why the world wants a stake of Mother Africa.

The Cuisine of this beautiful Africa is underexposed yet the flavors worth dying for. The ACGC agrees with policy plans of the African Union that at the heart of tourism in Africa is the balance between indegenous and modern lifestyle and a thriving economy. . ..

Composers, Choirs , Instrumentalists and music lovers , as well tour operators will each be treated to the unique and breathtaking history and life in Africa.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website as we will be announcing the Launch of the Championship and announce the host Country.

Let the African Choral and Gospel Championship introduce you to the secret locations and treasures of AFRICA THE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND.